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PostSubject: About Us   Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:52 pm

Hello! - Yeah you! Thanks for visiting our site. New to our site or not joined yet? Read this! We will explain everything you should know before signing up (or after), and how we can offer you to fulfill your Hogwarts adventures.

Just like in the Harry Potter books and movies, students who are of age, are given the opportunity to enroll in a magical school of witchcraft and wizardry - Hogwarts. Students are to purchase their items from various shops around Diagon Alley, cross the platform, aboard the train, make new friends, visit their school, common rooms, join a club, make a club, attend weekly classes, complete given homework, earn house points, lose house points, earn galleons, lose galleons, and the list goes on and on. Well, everything you just read, completely and specifically describes the key features of our website.

Here at HPRPG, we are very strict when it comes to offering the Online Hogwarts Experience. We designed this website for fans of the same nature to register for free at no cost, and join us as we share memorable, laughable and of course fun adventures. Open your own student shop, visit your comfortable common rooms, make new friends, shop-a-holic? Shop the wizarding world to it's full extent! Put use to those Galleons! Open your own vault at Gringotts, apply for a job at the Hogwarts kitchens, be the owner of a shop in Hogsmeade - it's all there for you! Register now, when becoming a member, you are to be sorted by taking a quiz and posting your results - then you can view the forum to all it's given aspects and features. NOW is the moment when you scream enthusiastically and warn all your friends about us. You start wondering around the site for yourself and happen to be in love! C'mon! Cross the platform! Be a proper student! And your adventure doesn't end once you complete Hogwarts, you still get to have fun here by becoming an adult Witch or Wizard and even joining the Ministry of Magic or creating your own group of loyal members and wreaking a havoc like Lord Voldemort did or help others like Dumbledore and having your own Order of the Pheonix.

***P.S. - When you log in, you won't see the ads displayed at the top, and will have access to the rest of the website***

We can't wait to see you ingame!
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About Us
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